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Pastoral Care

Contact a Minister

The ministers are never too busy to talk with you. A brief phone conversation or a scheduled appointment when something is just beginning to trouble you may help to forestall greater problems later.

To make an appointment, phone one of the ministers’ assistants at the church at (212) 535-5530 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. You may also email them:

Galen Guengerich: Galen@AllSoulsNYC.org
David Robb: David@AllSoulsNYC.org
Pamela Patton: Pamela@AllSoulsNYC.org

When should you call a minister?

  • When someone is confined at home
  • When there are family or personal problems
  • When there is a marriage, divorce, career, or other important decision to make
  • When drinking, drug abuse, or any compulsive behavior is a problem
  • When you want to talk about religious values
  • When a loved one dies
  • When someone is hospitalized
  • When you want to talk about worship or the programs at the Church
  • When you feel guilty, depressed, suicidal, or are troubled about sexual matters
  • When you simply want someone to talk to

Lay Pastoral Associates

In addition to the ministers on staff, our Lay Pastoral Associates are ready to talk with you when you need some support. The Lay Pastoral Associates are members of the congregation, selected by the ministers for their compassion, sensitivity, and wisdom, who have received training in pastoral care. To be connected with a Lay Pastoral Associate, email PastoralAssociates@AllSoulsNYC.org.

More information about the Lay Pastoral Associates.

Caring Team

The Caring Team offers practical assistance and companionship to men and women who are home bound or in the hospital for a short-term stay.

More information about the Caring Team

Caregivers Support Group

Are you or someone you know caring for a loved one? Please join our monthly Caregivers Support Group. Caregivers include those taking care of a spouse/partner, parent, sibling, or child with special needs, among others. The caring can take place at home or from a distance. If you find yourself in this role, please join us. Newcomers are always welcome. If you have questions or concerns, please email Pamela Patton, Interim Director of Pastoral Ministries at Pamela@AllSoulsNYC.org.

Counseling Referral

When it seems appropriate, the ministers may suggest more specialized individual or family counseling or therapy. This is not because they don't care or cannot help, but rather because as pastors they want you to be able to take advantage of the very best resources available.

Dr. David Kelley of Kenwood Psychological Services assists the ministers with assessing problems and providing referral to appropriate specialists. Dr. Kelley has earned an excellent reputation through his high level of success in matching people with the best possible help, whether for individual, family, or couples therapy, for long-term therapy or more immediate problem-solving.

Sliding-scale fees are available. You may contact Dr. Kelley through the ministers or by phoning him directly at (212) 744-2121.

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