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Vision 2020

Vision 2020 LogoIn January 2015, the Board of Trustees began working with Unity Consulting to discern a vision for All Souls’ future and to develop policies and strategies for realizing that vision. We chose Unity Consulting because of their deep understanding of both Unitarian Universalist theology and the dynamics of UU congregations. Based on Unity’s recommendations, we engaged in a series of vision workshops. In each workshop, participants individually talked about their best experiences of and hopes for All Souls and then, in small groups, found common themes and created pictures showing their hopes for All Souls’ future.

The Board’s goal in this project was to discern:

  • Three core values that All Souls will bring forward in all that we do.
  • A mission statement of how we will carry out our core values.
  • Specific ways in which we as individuals, All Souls as a community, and the world will be different because All Souls exists (called “ends”).

The Board believes this work is essential because:

  • Articulating our mission and ends brings focus and clarity to our commitments to one another as a spiritual community.
  • A clear and purposeful mission statement is essential for explaining who we are and for energizing our work.
  • Fundraising efforts, such as stewardship, planned giving, and a future capital campaign, require specificity about our mission.
  • Clarity about ends guides the work we do together and provides the basis for monitoring our progress in achieving our purpose.

 Read the full Vision 2020 Report.


All Souls Aspires— an Overview

May 26, 2010

All Souls Aspires - Strategic Planning for our Third CenturyIn December, 2009 the All Souls congregation approved a strategic plan called All Souls Aspires. This plan sets a course for our shared future, envisioning the kind of church we want to become. It was developed after more than two years of hard work on the part of the Board-Appointed Strategic Planning Team – a group of members who led an extensive process of congregational engagement including a survey, listening circles, and feedback sessions on the draft plan. The result is a bold and exciting vision articulating where this congregation wants to go and what will be required for us to get there.

All Souls Aspires contains four broad initiatives: Articulating Our Faith, Strengthening Our Community, Deepening Our Capacity for Diversity, and Spreading Our Message. The Board and staff are accountable for ensuring that progress is made on all four of these fronts over the next few years.

In January, 2010, the Board prioritized “Enhancing Hospitality” as the first Aspires strategic project and endorsed on May 16, 2010 a plan developed by Rev. Ana Levy-Lyons with input from current hospitality volunteers and the congregation. The Board also endorsed as the next two strategic projects Small Group Ministry and Church Website Redesign.

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