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A Common Meditation for All Souls

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Read Rev. Guengerich's sermon, The Practice of Faith

The purpose: a daily spiritual practice to help spark our moral imagination and set our moral compass as individuals (Emerson called it “provocative reading”). It can also help establish a common spiritual conversation that will further unite us as a community of faith.

The practice: sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths to remind your body that it’s time to focus—any time of day (as short or long as you like), anywhere you have time to yourself.

  1. Reading: read the day’s text carefully several times, preferably aloud.
  2. Reflection: ask yourself which word or phrase provokes your attention. Why that word or that phrase? You may wish to jot the word or phrase in a journal. Reflect for a short time on the word or phrase and ponder what it evokes in you. Make a note or two.
  3. Intention: ask yourself what purpose your reading and reflection suggests for you on this day. Set a specific intention that you can reasonably fulfill. Perhaps jot it down.
  4. Contemplation: expand your awareness from intention to gratitude. Remind yourself that the world is full of untapped wisdom and your life is full of unrealized potential. Note a couple of things for which you’re especially grateful.
If you wish, end your practice with the final two lines of the All Souls benediction: “This is the day we are given; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

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Wheel of Life

All Souls is pleased to initiate "Wheel of Life," an opt-in, online program to let congregation members voluntarily communicate with each other about matters affecting their personal lives. Announcements such as births, deaths, hospitalizations, home recuperations, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, retirements, and relocations will be e-mailed to those who elect to receive them. These announcements will be sent out every Friday.

If you are a member of All Souls and would like to sign up to receive weekly Wheel of Life announcements, email Rachel Rosenthal, Communications Director at Info@allsoulsnyc.org. Please include your first and last name in the email.

To submit an announcement for Wheel of Life, email WheelOfLife@allsoulsnyc.org.

Guidelines for submitting an announcement:

  • Please keep it brief – fewer than 50 words
  • Make it topical – this is a forum for sharing about personal life transitions. It should not be used to promote products or services or to seek material assistance.
  • Respect confidentiality – only submit an announcement on behalf of someone else with his or her
    explicit permission.

As an example, a typical announcement might read ... "Florence Nightingale has returned to her
apartment from surgery at NYU Medical Center. She is making a rapid recovery, and would welcome
phone calls (212-234-5678) and e-mails (florence.nightingale@aol.com) from friends."

This program was initiated by the Deacons to help deepen our sense of community and connectedness at All Souls. 

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