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A Community of...

2016-2017 Small group ministry program

Registration for 2016-2017 is now closed.

"There is a quality of listening that is possible among a circle of human beings, who by their attentiveness to one another create a space in which each person is able to give voice to the truth of his or her life. There is the miracle of authentic narrative, made possible by listening that holds still long enough to let the truth be told. Where there is this kind of listening and speaking, a new kind of community is born - a community of life."

~Rebecca Parker, Unitarian theologian

Download the monthly Soul Matters Packet

About Small Group Ministry 

Unitarian Universalism is about connection. We are a religion that sees people struggling, not against our own sinful souls, but against a shallow, frantic and materialistic world that all-too often leaves us disconnected from our deepest selves, life’s gifts and needs greater than one’s own. And so our congregations work to heal that divide by helping each other listen to our deepest selves, open to life’s gifts and serve needs greater than our own.

The All Souls Small Group Ministry program provides the space to deepen your spirituality and broaden your sense of community. As we have done in the past, we will explore concepts and ideas that help us go deeper; that help us explore the many questions with which we live.

This year our groups will be supported by the Soul Matters Sharing Circle that provides in depth packets of exploration around a particular theme. Each month, our theme focuses us on a value that our faith tradition has historically honored and emphasized. So with each meeting, we are reminded that our faith dreams of a preferred way for us to be in the world, challenging each of us to ask “What does it mean to live a life with these particular values front and center?”

There’s an important reminder here: Unitarian Universalism is not a religion of “anything goes.” Rather our faith has a unique vision of the good life. Yes, we affirm personal choice and individuality, but there are some core values that our faith asks all of us to engage, take seriously and apply to our daily living.

Give yourself the gift of time to play with powerful questions and build life changing relationships with other All Souls community members. Each month we come together with purpose: to bear witness, to listen to each other and to ourselves, to the silences as well as our words and what lies behind our words.

How does it work? 

Each small group meets regularly from October through May. Trained, dedicated, caring members of the congregation will facilitate these sessions. You will explore the packets that the Soul Matters Sharing Network has created. Each month you will be asked to explore the material and dig deep into the theme through exercises, readings, and videos. You are welcome to try them all or sample just a few things here and there, or simply engage with the theme during the session. The Soul Matters Sharing Circle overarching concept for 2016-2017 is: “A community of…”.

UU religious community is a precious gift. Within it, we find values and questions that are rarely encountered elsewhere in our lives. Values and questions that push us, ground us and remind us who we most deeply are. So this year our themes honor this gift of community and its role as caretaker of values. Together we will ask: What is it we find when we gather? And what is it we are asked to share with the world?

Ready to join?

Registration - at Coffee Hour and online - is available through October 28. Groups begin meeting in October.

Special Note: Our children will be exploring these same themes in Chapel this year and also have the opportunity to explore the themes during the second hour in a class called Soul Matters. They will engage with the themes though activities, special speakers, art and social action.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Betty Jeanne Rueters-Ward at bettyjeanne@allsoulsnyc.org or Tracy Sprowls at tracy@allsoulsnyc.org.

Small Group Ministry 2013-2014 Facilitators and Supporting Ministry Staff


A Spiritual Journey - Small Group Ministry 2016-2017

Our themes related to this concept: A community of…
October: Healing
November: Story
December: Presence
January: Prophecy
February: Identity
March: Risk
April: Transformation
May: Embodiment
June: Zest


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