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Growing In Giving

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Message from Stewardship Committee Chairs

All Souls is a place for growth. Thought-provoking sermons ask us to see our world in new ways. All Souls’ ministerial and educational programs give us new opportunities to care for ourselves and others. Our community outreach and social justice programs let us act on our convictions in ways that change our world.

This year’s stewardship theme – Growing in Giving – challenges us to express our gratitude to All Souls through our financial generosity. 

  • If you’ve never made a pledge, would you consider doing so this year? You’ll discover how rewarding it is to be an owner of the wonderful things that happen here at All Souls!

  • If you’re already a committed donor, can you consider a 10% increase this year? Your increased generosity will enable All Souls to have greater reach in our community.

  • If you give by monthly credit card payments, can you switch to a direct debit of your bank account? Simply by changing the form of your donation, you’ll effectively raise the amount All Souls receives by 3%.

  • If you typically make your donation at year end, can you commit to paying at least part of your gift to All Souls on a monthly basis? When All Souls receives your donation earlier in the year, we’re better able to plan our budget, not only for the current year, but also for the next year.

When we all grow in our giving, All Souls grows stronger too! Thank you for considering a gift to our community.


Stewardship Steering Committee Co-Chairs Cherie Henderson and Carol Kirkman.

How much should I give?

The amount of one’s gift is a very personal decision. In the words of one member, "Give an amount that you can feel, but not so much that it hurts." Another way of thinking about your gift is to consult our Suggested Giving Guideposts

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