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Join us at The Hub!

The HubWhat is "The Hub" anyway?
At the Hub, we believe in the power of connection. We believe sharing our experiences helps us to really know each other, our hopes, dreams, and fears, and to discover our sense of purpose. The Hub is a new kind of worship service, led collaboratively by a team of All Souls community members and ministers. We hope to create a place for deeper spiritual and social connections through music, storytelling and conversation. At The Hub, come find inspiration and friendship. Find yourself deeply known and held in community.

What will I experience at The Hub?
Our Hub team will welcome you at the door. The faces will be friendly and you will probably find yourself in a casual chat or two before the Hub begins. A couple musicians open in song. The Hub worship leader welcomes everyone and shares the theme of that Hub. After lighting the chalice, we take time to get to know the folks seated around us. We follow with music and quiet time for meditation. Everyone is invited to light a candle for a joy or concern in our lives. All Souls community members tell stories from their lives about the theme, and everyone gets a chance to respond in a small group. We close the Hub with more songs, extinguish the chalice, and then mingle for a while or go out to a nearby restaurant for dinner. The Hub often lasts a little longer than an hour.

When and where does The Hub happen?Musicians at the Hub
We hold Hub services once at month at All Souls.  

Who is the Hub Team?
The Hub Team is comprised of Sabrina Alano, Matt Brandenburgh, Kate Phillips, Cory Labanow, Julie Thommen, Marion Wise, John Miles, and Ken Brady.

How do I get on the mailing list?

Send an email to thehub@allsoulsnyc.org to receive monthly invitations.

The Hub at All Souls

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