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The Nuclear Disarmament Task Force

The Nuclear Disarmament Task Force sponsors educational and citizen action programs aimed at the control, reduction and ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons. In 2014 the Task Force initiated and coordinated an Interfaith Statement of Conscience, signed by a number of major denominations and faith-based organizations, calling on the U.S. government to take a leading role in seeking to have nuclear weapons outlawed and abolished. That Statement affirms that:

-Nuclear weapons, because of the indiscriminate destruction which they wreak on civilians and the environment by blast, fire and radiation, are inherently immoral.

-Mounting scientific evidence indicates that a major nuclear exchange would have catastrophic effects on the Earth’s climate, creating conditions not seen since the last Ice Age and threatening the survival of the human species. Even a limited, regional nuclear war could trigger global famine, putting billions of people at risk. There can be no moral justification for continuing to subject humanity and the planet to this danger,

-Several times already the world has come within minutes of accidental nuclear war because of human or computer error. That danger is increasing with the development of cyber warfare and the threat of hacking by terrorist groups.

-In the Nonproliferation Treaty most of the world’s countries agreed to refrain from developing nuclear weapons, in exchange for a pledge by the U.S., Russia and other nuclear powers to negotiate genuine disarmament and the elimination of their nuclear arsenals. Delay in honoring that pledge is putting the whole nonproliferation regime in danger.

In addition to sponsoring educational programs with films and speakers, the Task Force issues legislative action alerts on nuclear issues, which are shared with other Unitarian Universalist congregations across the country, and has coordinated projects with Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, and the Interfaith Committee on Nuclear Disarmament. All our meetings are open, and are announced in the All Souls Bulletin and in the Order of Service.

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